Using agilesWorkflow for Document Approval in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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agilesWorkflow is the only certified workflow solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. End-users are able to use it to design a 100% customized workflow, practically by themselves, to track any functionality in the business process. It also makes it a solution that’s easy to create, modify and maintain by end-users. It reduces large consulting fees in Microsoft Dynamics NAV pre- and post-implementation stages.

agilesWorkflow supports all aspects of business process optimization in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As an example, let’s focus on how to use it to enhance document approval in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Options for Document Approval with agilesWorkflow and Dynamics NAV

Automatically submit: Besides the traditional manual method sendoff of sending an approval request, agilesWorkflow has an option to submit an approval request automatically. It prevents users from omitting the submission and avoiding unnecessary delays.

Multi-tiered approval: agilesWorkflow allows end-users to build more than one level of approval systems. Lower-tier users must approve a request before passing it to higher-tier users for final approval. This function prevents bombarding high-level managers with unnecessary information, thereby improving time and efficiency.

Multi-dimension criteria: agilesWorkflow determines which approvers receive approval requests based on a pre-defined hierarchy. Options to define this hierarchy include dollar-amount thresholds, department, division, item category, currency or a combination of some/all of these criteria. This makes it suitable for companies across industries with their unique requirements.

Overall, agilesWorkflow is a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV end-users. It gives the end-users the power to customize processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV without heavy modifications.


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