WennSoft Job Cost 2013 Tip: Job Status Report Printing Error

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In WennSoft 2010 you were able to run the job status report. However, after upgrading to 2013, printing the same report returns the following error:



To correct this:

  • After upgrading, run the WennSoft Forms and Reports update to avoid this error for multiple reports.
  • Another way to correct this particular error is through Report Writer by following these steps.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Report Writer
  • Choose WennSoft products.
  • Click the reports button > Select & open the report giving you the problem.
  • Click the Layout button and select “Calculated field” from drop down menu on toolbar.
  • Double click on “Contract Earned” field.
  • In the Expressions calculated field select the ) in the equation.
  • In the Constants Tab, select Constant field. This will turn to 0.
  • Click the add button twice so the end of the equation now will read “JC_JOB_MSTR.Expected Contract 0 0)”.


  • Select OK, click X to close window. If asked, save it. At Report Writer, select File > Microsoft Dynamics GP to return to Dynamics GP.
  • You can print the report without error now.

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