Wennsoft Tip! Unable to post WennSoft Job Cost transactions incurred prior to the Job created date.

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In WennSoft 2010 you are able to post Job Cost transactions incurred prior to the job created date. In version 2013, however, you can no longer do that. For example, if you are running on version 2013 and have created a Job on January 20, 2014 with the intent to post some December 31, 2013 transactions, Job Cost will return an error:


To correct this:

  • Copy the data in to “Test” Company first.
  • Using SQL open the JC00102 table in “Test” Company.
  • This table stores the Job created date field “CREATDDT”. Find this date field for the relevant Job and replace the date with new date prior to transaction date.
  •  Close SQL.
  • Try posting the transaction in “Test” Company.
  • If successful, follow the procedure in the Live Company.

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