What Business Investments Are Worth Making? ERP Software Tops the List

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According to this article, Mark Raskino, Vice President for Gartner market research, told the Financial Times that ERP systems, e-commerce and customer relationship management software are the “top picks” for IT spending among business leaders.

ERP Software has been going strong for a good 20 years now and is currently well-understood in the marketplace, helping companies accomplish more with the limited resources they have available.  CEOs also understand the importance of IT spending. Mr. Raskino explains, “We found that more than half now see IT as either key to competitive advantage within their business model, or a tool through which they intend to innovate and adapt their business model.”

Any business investment is an important decision for companies today. You need to make sure your IT investments are worthwhile and will contribute to your overall business goals. According to the research by Mr. Raskino, ERP Software tops that list of business investments worth making and here are just a few more reasons why it may top your list:

For many companies, multiple solutions make things much more complicated than they need to be. The sales department is looking at numbers that pertain to their status quo, which is great, but what about the accounting department? Most IT solutions aren’t able to connect the two so that everyone’s on the same page. Microsoft Dynamics® ERP and CRM ensures this is possible through an integrated and comprehensive framework. For example,Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP,  along with Dynamics CRM can speak both to the accounting department and the sales department, providing real time tracking of any particular sale in the pipeline.

BDO Solutions have implemented hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics solutions in many industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Not for Profit, Government, Insurance, First Nations, Services, Utilities and Fuel Distribution. Contact us for more information on why Microsoft Dynamics ERP is an investment worth making.

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