What’s New in Job Cost for WennSoft Signature 2010 R2?

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You are working with WennSoft Signature 2010 (or prior version) Job Cost and looking for new features to improve the productivity, here are some of the major enhancement in R2 which may helps to improve the functionality.

Subcontractor contract agreements – This feature provides a contractor the ability to manage subcontractors with contracts (not using PO’s).  Contracts will include:  Positive or negative changes, manage insurance/other documents, payments, multiple cost codes to a sub, and multiple subs to a job.  

Opening a closed job – You can now open a closed job that is in an open fiscal period. This may be useful if a job is closed accidentally or if late costs come in or additional billings are sent out after a job is closed.

Excel forecast revision for Job cost – This feature is a Microsoft Excel application that provides the ability to view all cost codes associated with a job and in workbook mode adjust the forecast.  Project managers can update Forecast Revisions, save as a project wide revision to allow Finance to approve and submit for change.  The Excel worksheet will be saved as part of the forecast revision document in Job Cost.   

Service call cost integration to a job – You can move costs from a service call to a job. For example, a service call might be deemed too large and longer in duration, and it might be prudent to transfer the costs to and track everything as a job. Or, your service organization might use Service Management to provide labor resources or equipment to a job, but use Job Cost to capture budgets and costs, and invoice customers.

Vendor payments – Provides the ability to view vendor payments by job.

Document attachment – Provides more information to the job by attaching documents. Allow for attaching documents in Job Cost Portal. Attached documents can be viewed from Job Cost Portal or the Microsoft Dynamics® GP client.

Canadian handling of GST and PST taxes on PO documents – Specify which tax details hit the costs to the job. This allows a user to identify which tax details hit the job and WIP account as costs to the job and which go directly to the GL. In Canada, the GST is often recoverable via input credits and therefore not technically a cost to the job or service call.

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