Webinar: Introducing BDO Solutions Dynamics NAV Support Desk

Webinar: Introducing BDO Solutions Dynamics NAV Support Desk

Going above and beyond Support!

Are you and your system in free fall? Would you ever jump out of a plane without a parachute or board a plane with untrained pilots? More than likely, not.

The answers to these questions sound pretty obvious but when it comes to an emergency with your system, the answers are not quite as clear. We believe Support is much the same. Much of Support’s relevance is revealed during a crisis; but Support is more than just coming to the rescue, it’s also about prevention. Support activities involve ongoing maintenance, training and periodic procedural checks to ensure your system is not only functioning properly, but is also being used to the best of its abilities. Although our lives are not in jeopardy when we fly our system, the value of preparing for the unexpected is clear. The key is to plan ahead by investing and participating in Support. Otherwise we are all in free fall.

Join Julie Bilodeau for an introduction to the BDO Solutions NAV Support Desk where we go above and beyond Support and take to the skies with maximizing your use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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