The Cloud Changes the Game

The Cloud Changes the Game

There are times in the course of your business when you have the opportunity to dramatically accelerate growth and improve day-to-day efficiencies.

Recognizing the opportunity and acting on it are two different matters. In the past, the ability to act was often limited by the cost of the enabling technology.

The cloud changes the game. Through the cloud, you have the power to compete on a global scale and jump on the opportunities that will take your business to new levels. The internet, which provides the conduit for cloud-based software, has changed the way you do business from websites and e-commerce transactions to competition from global suppliers. But the internet gives you instant access to cloud-based solutions with the business management process support that was, until recently, reserved for enterprise organizations.

In this ebook, we cover five of the top trends that are fundamentally changing the game for small and mid-size businesses. Through cloud-based ERP, you can master any of these trends to grow your business:

  1. Multi-channel distribution
  2. Employees working from home or remote sites
  3. Customers and employees connecting through mobile devices
  4. Business expansion through acquisition
  5. Lower cost of entry for startup businesses

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