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Free Your Business From Locked Down Software

The arrival of the cloud means businesses are now able to let go of the agonizing – and often costly – annual ritual of assessing which software licenses need to be renewed, which ones can lapse, and which ones can wait another year.

It’s a freeing experience from the days when businesses lurched from sluggish aging technology to super speed overnight. Like a slick electric car, the Cloud allows you run your business at full throttle month after month, year after year. The only recharge you need is a subscription.


What are you really paying to operate, maintain and upgrade an on-premises solution over a typical five-year period? What other costs are involved in a cloud solution?

Traditionally, having software was an extension of your overall capital expenditures, with heavy investment in infrastructure and licenses. Now the cloud moves all of those items to your OpEx, making more capital available to your business for true revenue generation.

It’s a bit like making the shift from owning a generator for your business to paying for electricity – you pay for what you use, which means you can scale up and down as your business demands.