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Is Your Organization Drowning in Information Chaos?

Business information and content has proliferated to the point where strategy is no longer an option – it’s a must have. With numerous employees rapidly altering, adding, and organizing hundreds of documents and files, it’s challenging to maintain any kind of order. And the truth is most businesses don’t.

Situations like this cost you both money, and certainty. Studies show employees can waste as much 20% of their week searching for information they require to perform their jobs—and even once located, are unsure if they’re accessing the most recent version.

The problem becomes more pronounced when extended across a department, business unit, or entire organization. After a few years in operation, tack on a business expansion or a merger, and now consolidating, re-organizing and classifying information is a business imperative.


Crisis has a unique way of narrowing our vision when it comes to establishing file management and governance principles.

Your compliance team and records management team already demand consistency. But when your legal team can find files in a flash, you know you’re truly operating efficiently.

Mining companies, engineering companies, and other successful businesses rely on impeccable file structures and governance, and with good reason—they’ve learned from experience what happens if they don’t. In the case of an oil company, if a spill occurs it’s all hands on deck, and finding the file fast is imperative. Lawyers will need immediate access to every meeting minute, every structural detail of the vessel, right down to the original engineering drawings.


Establishing management and governance systems for your information and content is one of the best proactive decisions you can make.

BDO Canada can help you tame your content. We’re experts at taking the information you have and making it easily accessible, appropriately protected, and ultimately useful. No more empty, buried, or missing information. The result is quick and easy access to content that is crucial for your entire business operation.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Determine a suitable platform that meets your needs
  • Identify and establish file structure and governance
  • Assess and identify which files you require, and which can be archived
  • Establish an automated process to migrate, map and organize hundreds of thousands of files
  • Establish governance, with automated controls and permission access


No matter what stage of business you are at, BDO can help you provide a structure that works for where you are today.


Daryl Senick

Daryl is a results-driven IT executive focused on strategic planning, execution excellence and driving value for our clients in the results delivered from the BDO IT Solutions Practice. His strengths include an expert knowledge of Microsoft application platform solutions development, a strong business and computer science background, an ability to conceptualize and solve complex problems, and strong communication and facilitation skills.

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