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Are You Wasting Your IT Dollars?

Inefficient or ignored technology is a problem every business has encountered at some point – and it’s serious. At the highest end of the spectrum, a committee hearing revealed that the US federal government nearly doubled its IT spending in 11 years to $81 billion, yet managers reported they were spending as much as 47 per cent of their budget maintaining “obsolete and deficient IT resources.”

Similar scenarios play out every year,in every sector. And it’s costing businesses well into the billions – unnecessarily.


Your business operates with a departmental budget for IT, but does that department overseeall applications throughout the organization?It’s not uncommon for organizations to be running their business on dozens or even hundreds of applications – all at various ages and in many cases not integrated to provide a common picture to business.

You may also have legacy systems that need to be upgraded or replaced, but until that time, you need to pay to maintain them. And the older the system, the higher the costs.