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Effectively Leverage Automation and Information Technology

Technology continues to reshape how businesses improve operational efficiencies, leverage massive amounts of data, collaborate internally and, most importantly, how they interact with their valued customers. However, the proliferation of technology solutions over the past decade has made it increasingly difficult for organizational leaders to identify, assess and deploy the right solutions for their unique business.

As a result, many companies have been adopting a “ready, fire, aim” philosophy when investing in technology, attempting to deploy highly touted solutions with little consideration given to how those solutions align with their existing technology infrastructure, their capacity to dedicate internal resources or even their ability to meet the related capital requirements over the long-term. Ultimately, billions of dollars are spent each year on technology solutions that are never actually vetted against many of the strategic objectives that drive the overall business.

Rapid Technology Health Checks

Quickly pinpoint immediate improvements to your data, systems and applications, setting the table for where you may need to dig deeper.

Technology Foundation Assessments

Engage in a deeper compressive evaluation of your data, systems and applications against benchmarks and industry best practices.

Technology Strategy & Roadmaps

Invest in a comprehensive technology vision that supports your entire strategy, with a complete justification of recommended technology investments.

Data and Information Strategys

Transform your business data into a powerful tool, allowing you to take proactive measures through contemporary reporting and advanced analytics.

Cloud Strategy & Roadmaps

Plan your migration to a seamless, cost-effective infrastructure and applications model that allows your organization to focus on its core competencies.

IT Rationalization Strategys

Optimize your technology infrastructure by identifying which technologies are aiding your business and which ones you can ultimately do without.

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Jennifer Kardynal

Senior Manager

Jennifer is a leader in the BDO IT Solutions Technology Advisory Services team, possessing an extensive background in technology and business qualifications with 20 years of hands-on experience in the design and delivery of ERP solutions. Jennifer specializes in aligning strategic objectives to operational execution, project management, business analysis, solutions architecture and process improvement strategies.

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