Cloud Strategy & Roadmap


With the rapid evolution of cloud computing having a solid cloud strategy helps accelerate the technology and adoption of both existing and new cloud services. Businesses lose significant performance and incur growing support costs as server’s age.

Traditionally, having software was an extension of your overall capital expenditures, with a heavy investment in infrastructure and licenses. This often led to escalating issues and degradation of services and concerns around aging/under-performing hardware, outdated software, lack of innovation and decreased employee productivity. With the rapid movement toward cloud services, it’s never been easier to address these concerns and plan a new future for your business.

BDO IT Solutions’ Cloud Strategy & Roadmap will take your cloud strategy further, faster – our exceptional cloud-consulting services will provide you with an engagement focused on understanding your businesses’ current application and infrastructure state with the intention to design a modern cloud environment.

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Eric Aubailly

Partner and National Leader - Technology Advisory Services

Eric is the national leader for BDO Canada Technology Advisory service line where his role includes leading efforts in IT planning, enterprise architecture, IT performance improvement and Cybersecurity strategy.

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