Cybersecurity Strategy

Securing Your Organization’s Digital Assets

Cyber threats are now the norm for organizations across the board. Hackers once focused on larger organizations — today they target companies of all sizes. Organizations face a long list of cybersecurity threats that can harm the company’s bottom line, from phishing to denial-of-service attacks. These threats will only grow, as people join their everyday devices to interconnected networks that hackers can exploit. To adapt, today’s business leaders need to prioritize cybersecurity but still deliver the service that their customers expect.

BDO’s Cybersecurity Strategy can help organizations protect their valuable digital assets against theft and misuse. Our strategic approach begins with a cybersecurity risk assessment that surveys and tests the applications, data and infrastructure of the enterprise against the business risks of the organization. After identifying any vulnerabilities, we develop a cybersecurity plan tailored to the organization’s needs.

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Eric Aubailly

Partner and National Leader - Technology Advisory Services

Eric is the national leader for BDO Canada Technology Advisory service line where his role includes leading efforts in IT planning, enterprise architecture, IT performance improvement and Cybersecurity strategy.

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