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Make Business Systems Performance Your Number One Priority

In today’s highly competitive market, simply knowing your business won’t suffice. Your organization moves rapidly, and things can change in an instant. While annual business planning is necessary, it can’t fully prepare you to respond rapidly to internal and external changes — and especially not to sudden changes in the market. Optimizing, evaluating and testing your current technology landscape is critical to ensure you’re staying as efficient and competitive as possible in every aspect of your operation.

You need the ability to track the state of your business on an ongoing basis, provide back office infrastructure and introduce custom tools, reporting, predictive modeling and application development so you can react promptly and effectively to customer, competitor and market trends. BDO IT Solutions can provide your business with the key experts, solutions and implementation services to extract maximum value from all new and existing technology investments.

A Few Of The Ways BDO IT Solutions Can Help

Integrated Business Systems

Integrating powerful tools to help you overcome your unique business challenges with unified platforms that pool accounting, payroll, sales and marketing solutions with your current infrastructure.

Digital & Productivity Solutions

Transform your operations with secure digital offerings that increase efficiency and allow you to pursue strategic goals and landmark projects that support business growth and enhance customer experience.

Data & Advanced Analytics

Implement an industry-leading analytics strategy that will go beyond traditional dashboard reporting and data warehousing to include information governance, artificial intelligence and predictive modeling.

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Rishan Lye


Rishan Lye is a Partner and leader of BDO IT Solutions’ Technology Practice, with over 18 years of professional experience engineering, and architecting large-scale technology solutions. He is responsible for advising clients in emerging technologies, IT strategy, enterprise architecture, systems integration, cloud enablement, cyber security, and business intelligence.

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