Data & Advanced Analytics

Empower Data to Create Key Insights for Your Business

Data and analytics are critical to business strategies. In highly competitive markets, organizations need to fully utilize their key asset of enterprise data to drive growth, optimize costs and ignite innovation. As technology evolves to support a sea change in business insights, it’s not enough for organizations to simply be informed when making key business decisions. They need to capitalize on real-time information to stay ahead of the competition.

BDO IT Solutions can help you create competitive advantages in your industry, by shifting the lens from “what happened” to “what will happen” or “what should happen” through real-time, data-driven information. BDO will help you master your data, step by step — identifying core systems, opportunities for growth and the key pathways to continued success.

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Daryl Senick


Daryl is a results-driven IT executive focused on strategic planning, execution excellence and driving value for our clients in the results delivered from the BDO IT Solutions Practice. His strengths include an expert knowledge of Microsoft application platform solutions development, a strong business and computer science background, an ability to conceptualize and solve complex problems, and strong communication and facilitation skills.

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