Managed Solutions

Manage, Maintain and Enhance Your Solutions

Perhaps your organization lacks the technical capability to support a solution. Or maybe your solution is not performing at the level your organization needs to reach your goals. Whatever your particular need, BDO Managed Solutions is equipped to support you as an extension to your team.

Managed Solutions supports custom-built applications for platforms such as SharePoint, SQL Server, CRM, NAV, AX or GP. Our Managed Solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers.

One question drives our work: What is the customer capable of doing and what would they like us to own? Depending on the answers provided, we tailor our proposed solution accordingly, either offering 3rd-line support when a customer has an in-house team, or providing 2nd- and 3rd-line support when the customer has no in-house capability.

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Austin D’souza is an IT industry specialist, and licensed Project Management Professional with more than 15 years’ experience helping business and industry with their technology needs.

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