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Engage your customers with intelligent insights

Understand your customers to better engage them through intelligent insights. Using Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Azure, transform your data into timely and relevant information, inferences, and predictions that help your business succeed.

Understand customers better

  • Get a 360-degree view of the customer journey to reveal interactions, make inferences, and anticipate customer needs.

Predict business outcomes

  • Generate data-driven predictions across your business, such as predicting customer attrition or sales conversion.

Find the right audience

  • Create more effective campaigns through granular customer segmentation based on known and predicted customer journeys.

Connect to all your data

Get a comprehensive look at your customers

Uncover insights by bringing all your customer data together—including Dynamics 365, Office 365, and third-party data sources—with the security and privacy you require.

  • Access data with out-of-the-box connectors or custom integrations
  • Easily compose data flows using Azure services
  • Integrate profiles, KPIs, and predicted outputs with a Power BI desktop connector

Resolve ambiguity

Match customers with activity

Fully understand the customer journey across channels by using contextual information and artificial intelligence that matches customers with previously ambiguous activities and profiles.

  • Improve segmentation and predictions using inferences
  • Infer high-confidence links and relationships between your data and known individual or organizational customers

Make smarter decisions

Predict business outcomes with predictive scoring

Guide your decisions and processes by applying artificial intelligence to predict outcomes across your business.

  • Automatically create and deploy highly effective machine learning models for your specific  needs
  • Identify positive and negative influencers on business predictions to plan follow-ups and help anticipate risks
  • Grade business predictions for better process integration and automation

Create rich visualizations

View the entire customer journey at a glance

Better understand the customer journey—individually or in the aggregate—by composing role-specific visualizations that bring together customer profiles, interactions, metrics, inferences, and predictions.

  • Define the metrics that matter to you and keep them up to date
  • Easily build visualizations and embed them into existing tools and business processes

Target specific audiences

Use marketing resources more efficiently

Identify and take advantage of marketing opportunities by creating granular customer segmentation based on transactional and behavioral data, inferences, and insights.

  • Define dynamic segments based on a deep network of relationships
  • Explore data visually to quickly find and access the data marketers need
  • Use segments that are always up to date and based on complete customer journeys

Add prebuilt applications

Do even more with Dynamics 365 for Sales using AppSource. Enhance your sales CRM systems and processes by integrating add-on applications from Microsoft and our partners.


Customize your applications

Do more with your Dynamics 365 data. Create custom applications that connect with Dynamics 365 to solve your exact business needs—with little to no additional code development.


Sonia Edmonds

Sonia Edmonds is a CPA, CGA with over 25 years of finance, accounting and operational experience, including 18+ years in consulting, Sonia Edmonds is the Managing Partner of BDO's IT Solutions Group, leading the team of over 200 dedicated professionals nationally. With a core focus on business process improvement and sustainable change management initiatives, Sonia and her team help lead companies implement Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Technology solutions to help address financial and operational challenges and increase business efficiency.

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