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Slip Into Software With a Perfect Fit Every Time

Is meeting business demands with your existing systems like fitting a square peg into a round hole?

Our custom application development services at BDO can help you round those corners for a perfect fit. Whether you need an integration, updated interface, or a unique app built from the ground up, our application developers can help.


At BDO, we work with you to design custom applications that give you the competitive differentiation you’re looking for, giving your business a razor-sharp edge in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.



Daryl Senick

Daryl is a results-driven IT executive focused on strategic planning, execution excellence and driving value for our clients in the results delivered from the BDO IT Solutions Practice. His strengths include an expert knowledge of Microsoft application platform solutions development, a strong business and computer science background, an ability to conceptualize and solve complex problems, and strong communication and facilitation skills.

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BDO Canada is one of Canada’s premier professional business support providers with more than 100 office locations. A member of Microsoft’s Inner Circle, BDO is recognized as one of the top 1% of companies in delivering Microsoft services and essential technology solutions worldwide.

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