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Is Your Software Meeting Today’s Business Demands?

In business today, you expect more from your technology, and so do your employees. Examining your system through the lens of what you need in today’s 24/7 365 business environment, sheds light on how close your system is to the mark.

Here are a few questions you – and your employees – may want to consider:

  • Can I get to the information I need?
  • Is my system difficult to use?
  • Does my system require manual processes?
  • Is my system able to keep up with the growth of the business?
  • Is my system stabile and performing efficiently?
  • Is my system mobile ready?

With so many issues to consider, the big question remains, how to get from here to there?


At BDO, we understand businesses sometimes prefer to keep their existing software. Employees are familiar with it, and at a high internal level, your software system may be meeting all your needs in terms of integrating with other systems, and fulfilling functions – whether that means your accounting system, distribution or HR.

Even so, your business doesn’t thrive on the backend. It’s the front lines that drive business.

BDO’S legacy modernization services allow you to keep what you have and add elements that prepare your entire operation to meet those consumer, client and employee demands head on. Things like:

  • Better Information Architecture to access the information you need, in the form you need
  • Enhanced user experience to drive efficiencies
  • Automation of business processes
  • Enablement of new business capability to keep up to the business
  • Stability and scalability that meet business demands
  • Mobile access
  • 24/7 availability
  • Device agnostics (desktop, tablet, laptop, mobile)


In today’s world, modernization can be the one thing that catapults a business ahead of the competition. With modernized software that meets your internal and external specifications, your business has the best opportunity to scale up and out.

Our application modernization team has helped companies add on products from management systems to quotation engines, all with the idea of getting more from the software they already have.

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