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Suffering From Multi-system Congestion?

As more opportunity makes its way down the pipeline, bottlenecks often appear—whether it’s a manual system that can’t meet the demand, or data redundancy caused by duplicate entries across multiple solutions

Many companies are taking advantage of cloud, e-commerce, and other automated systems, and with that, complexities arise over how existing systems can work together. Equally true is the need to integrate systems when acquisitions and merges occur.

The workaround is often manual solutions or additional bodies that can fail to capture all the data your company needs. Clerks struggle to keep up with manual inputs, resulting in congestion. It doesn’t take much for headaches to turn into the equivalent of a corporate migraine.


BDO’s integration services connects your disparate systems together, allowing you to share vital customer and client information throughout your entire operation.

With a systems integration solution from BDO, you can bridge all the gaps, serving both client needs as well as internal corporate needs to meet sales, operations, financial and reporting objectives.

Systems integration services connect your ecommerce to shipping and distribution, which in turn connects to your ERP and CRM systems, or any other configuration that contributes to the success of your business. Now every aspect of your system functions in tandem — much like your company itself.

BDO can also help you overcome the complexity of integrating systems as your various applications come out with updates. Rather than feeling forced to stay behind at the risk of losing valuable data, application integration can help connect the dots so that any upgrades are conducted without fear.


Rishan Lye

Rishan Lye is Director of Consulting Services at BDO Canada. A specialist in solution architecture, Rishan is a highly skilled communicator who works closely with management teams on deploying long-term strategic plans.

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