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A Website For Sore Eyes

A website today is the most crucial piece of real estate a business can own. It’s your sales department, your marketing department, and your customer service department rolled into one. The right website works for you 24/7, delivering potential clients from wherever they may be: around the block, or around the world.

With nearly 93% of Canadians using the internet, and the number of global websites to exceed 1 billion by 2016, simply having a website is no longer enough; you have to make sure it can get in front of your customers, clients, and leads, when they need it.

Showing up where it counts requires far more than captivating graphics and engaging copywriting (though that helps). Without proper design fundamentals and innate knowledge of search engine optimization, Google doesn’t even know your name.

Make search engines take notice, with BDO on your side.


Smartphones have fundamentally changed how we access the internet in a few short years, and mobile internet traffic has now surpassed desktop traffic, with even more unprecedented growth on the horizon. Consumers are more comfortable making purchases, dealing with finances, and sharing media from mobile than ever before. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re not only alienating your customers, you’re also making it impossible for them to find you.


As a website design and development company, BDO provides you with backbone by creating branded, self-managed e-commerce systems equipped the responsiveness, search engine optimization and social media integration to deliver the best results to Google and other search engines.

With BDO’s end-to-end website design expertise, clients and customers are delivered an optimal experience every step of the journey: finding you faster, navigating your site easier, and getting the opportunity to write you an email, pick up the phone, scroll through your online store, or make that final click on their shopping cart.


BDO’s website design expertise also extends into online portal development – so no matter whether you are catering to a customer or employee, they’re getting the same quality and ease of use.

As with your website, SharePoint intranet portal development needs to take place with the end user in mind, so that they can get what they need quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

BDO can design your portal, and assist you with user adoption strategies that will encourage your employees to engage with this powerful new tool right from the outset.


Daryl Senick

Daryl is a results-driven IT executive focused on strategic planning, execution excellence and driving value for our clients in the results delivered from the BDO IT Solutions Practice. His strengths include an expert knowledge of Microsoft application platform solutions development, a strong business and computer science background, an ability to conceptualize and solve complex problems, and strong communication and facilitation skills.

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