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How Much Do You Know About Your Business?

To really impact the success of your business, you need to get to know it. You need a clear understanding of how things work so you can effectively assess and determine areas for improvement. Making the right decisions requires the right information, and if your business management solutions aren’t able to quickly provide you with accurate, up to date information, you put your business at risk.

Every day your business goes through a number of transactions and interactions, all of which you could be learning from. You could be identifying trends, addressing shortfalls, reducing unnecessary administration and uncovering opportunities, if only you could get value out of the abundance of data you generate. The information is there for the taking, but interpreting it in its raw form is something even the most analytical mind would struggle to accomplish.

You need a system that is built to interpret and transform your data into something meaningful, which enables you to make more informed decisions that have a bigger impact on your business.

The Battle of Business Intelligence: Traditional BI vs. Data Discovery

With more and more data available to users and the increasingly competitive business landscape, it’s not surprising that the needs of business


Broaden Your Intelligence

With business intelligence software you can transform your raw data into useful information and knowledge that drive intelligent decisions. You will gain access to details about your business you didn’t know existed, and find innumerable areas for improvement. By building a unified view of your operation, business intelligence and analytics software can help lower costs, increase data integrity, and deliver self-service analysis across your business.

BDO IT Solutions can get you started by helping you establish your end goals and working to identify and prioritize the questions you need answered. Using basic BI software functionality we not only can answer these questions, but also determine which questions require deeper analysis using big data, social analytics and data mining.
Our agile deployments and transfer of knowledge approach will enable you to centralize, visualize and analyze activities across your business and turn analytics into a competitive advantage by:

  • Understanding product profitability and customer behavior
  • Collecting website data from Google Analytics and Twitter
  • Managing financial governance, risk management, and compliance requirements
  • Evaluating trends, inventory seasonality, demand and predictive analytics
  • Monitoring crucial data, and building a sustainable business model
  • Deploying dashboards, reports and analytic capabilities

“ The Jet Data Manager (JDM) provided us with a robust BI solution. Its Excel pivot table interface made reporting easy and straight forward for me as an analyst who otherwise would need to connect to multiple disintegrated SQL databases and spend a considerable amount of time to blend the data. The BDO IT Solutions consulting team were also instrumental in getting the solution up and running with their to-the-point technical and business guidance which stemmed from thorough understanding of our business needs. ”

Market Analyst, Leading Medical Device Manufacturer/Supplier —

We Can Help You Get More from Your Business

Our advisory services deliver the right business intelligence BI solution to help increase productivity and improve your overall business performance. Applying business intelligence technology across your business can help you make more informed decisions, faster than the competition and with more confidence. By connecting Business Intelligence and analytics technology to the rhythm of your business, we can help you:

  • Establish a foundation for big data and social analytics
  • Visualize data through dashboards and key performance indicators
  • Consolidate multiple data sources into one application
  • Explore associations and commonalities in your data
  • Obtain the right data to answer specific questions
  • Interact with mobile apps and predictive analytics
  • Define metrics, dimensions and drivers important to your business

Whitepaper: Business Analytics Buyer's Guide

Learn everything you need to know about Business Intelligence Software and Corporate Performance Management including: Transforming


We have partnered with industry leaders TARGIT, Jet Reports, and Power BI to access historical, current and predictive views of business results to help support your decision-making. Together, we deliver Business Intelligence capabilities for your ERP solution that offer integration, information capture and collaborative analysis for both structured and unstructured data.

BDO IT Solutions will also help you develop effective change management initiatives using proven methodologies that adapt to company culture, gain management support and deliver the message that technology can be a catalyst for positive change.

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