Actionable Intelligence to Drive Business Transformation

Disorganization, disparate systems, inconsistent metrics – these (and many more) are all ways you could be missing valuable insight into your data. You need to develop a digital strategy that includes a leading solution to help get your entire organization on the same page and improve collaboration. Sure, there’s your ERP data, but Business Intelligence (BI) will let you dig deeper and uncover data that already exists within your organization, but isn’t currently being tapped for greater insight, analysis, and improved decision making.

When you start truly optimizing and leveraging data from within your core ERP system and beyond, it’s important to think big, but start small. With the right guidance, you’ll identify key metrics to measure and mashup against your ERP, accounting, and operational data for greater insight than ever before.

Learn what you need to keep up with modern BI best practices to avoid being left behind while your competitors ride the express train to data-driven excellence.

Panelist Information: Kyle J. McNerney & Tom Totten, TARGIT
Duration: 48 minutes