Webinar: Elevate Budgeting, Planning and Reporting in Your Not-For-Profit Organization

Today, the most efficiently run Not-for-profit (NFP) organizations no longer have Finance relying on spreadsheets to perform forecasting, projections and day to day tasks. The requisite to perform with maximum efficiency and transparency is greater now than ever.

Whether you run a foundation, charity, association or community care agency, there is close scrutiny from donors, regulators, media and government. NFP organizations require strict fiscal management and for this reason, our cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution provides NFP organizations rapid deployment at an affordable cost with access from anywhere – without the hassles of relying on your IT department.

If your organization is struggling to:

• Empower the Finance department to become a more strategic element for your organization
• Provide the Board with an accurate 5 year projection; providing confidence in the finance teams forecasts and projections
• Reduce the time to perform month end close and consolidations
• Improve your ability to prepare cash flow projections to fund capital projects
• Reduce or eliminate the cost of outside consultants by providing the ability to perform analysis and projections in-house
• Improve collaboration within the organization by providing other departments with access to information never realized before to make better decisions

Then watch to learn how BDO can help elevate the roll of Finance within your organization. Go beyond conventional financial reporting, and spreadsheet modelling, with a dedicated analytics solution.